Sing and swim


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A book that unites the special qualities from the two universes: swimming and music. It presents ten very unique songs with suggestions for sensory stimuli and movement of swimming. As a swim instructor and as a parent you find inspiration to be int he water with the child and create a magic room of learning.

Nanna is a singer and a songwriter. She has publishes her own album and performs in an underwater band, so the element of water is not new to Nanna.

Majbritt has her joy and passion for music that generates back from her own playing. For the past years, Majbritt has focused on child development and sensory development in the swimming universe. She is an instructor and she educates and teaches other instructors.

The title sing and swim is exactly what this book and music is about.

Listen to the songs on Spotify:

Edition: 1. edition 2018
Author: Majbritt Mørk
Arranged by: Nanna Pil Bech and Dennis Ahlgren
 510 g


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